157 roads in the road, settled in 48! Xunfei future Hong Kong people intelligent ecological aggregation benefits

Recently, Qingdao Xunfei held the 35th, 36th enterprise road performance, Ding Zheng machinery, freight information service field from the intelligent manufacturing field, as well as Shunxiao, such as the intelligent environmental protection field, etc. .

The roadshow scene, all entrepreneurs showed their "secret weapons", showcase the technical strength of the company, and launched a warm discussion on the on-site instructors on the field guidance experts on the artificial intelligence technology, enterprise development model, invention patents.

In the recent cooperation into the incubation enterprise, Ding Zheng Machinery deep-moving intelligent manufacturing industry, the customization of non-standard automation equipment, full automation control program, MES system systemization integration, etc., has been approved "Shandong Provincial Industry Design Center "Shandong Province One Enterprise Development Center" and other innovative platforms. Ding Zheng Machinery’s business representative said in the future, it can combine Dingzheng’s existing achievements, platform, technology, talents, opportunities, and harvest all-round empowerment, colliding new ideas, in the future A larger force is obtained on the stage.

It is understood that, as of now, Xunfei has a total of 157 in the future port of Hong Kong, settled in 48, and the annual output value of enterprises was nearly 1 billion yuan.

Since the new area of ??Qingdao West Coast, UNICEF has created "1 + 2 + 3" industry acceleration mode in the future port. 1 center is the national artificial intelligent innovation application pilot zone (Qingdao) empowerment center; 2 big platforms are the large-scale joint innovation center and industrial ecological hatching centers; the three supporting systems are the Open Platform of Boats Flying and Flying, Xunu Listening AI Industrial Cloud Platform, "Industrial Super Brain" Research Center.

As the artificial intelligence "National Team", the Boardian Flying Chain is connected to the upstream industry ecological resources to gather in the future port, gathered a large number of artificial intelligence industries, and introduces small and medium-sized and medium-sized and medium-sized development potential and high technical content. The technology company has created a supporting and intact intelligent industry ecotry circle with complete industrial chain, and the industrial ecological aggregation effect is increasingly obvious.