Among the 20 foreign academicians from the China Academy of Engineering, 2 from Shanghai, work in the same university

Today (November 18th), the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, two two-double announced the list of 2021 academicians. Among the newly elected 20 Chinese Academy of Academy of Chinese Academy, two from Shanghai, they are German artificial intelligence scientist Otto Heinri Herzo, and Greek civil engineer BESkos.

Coincidentally, they all work in the same university in Shanghai – Tongji University!

These two heavyweight experts, all in China, and Shanghai, and Tongji.

Let us first meet these two new Jincheng Academy of Engineering:

Otto Heinrich Herzog,It is a famous scientist in the international artificial intelligence. In 2015, he joined Tongji University Changsheng City Group Intelligent Planning Collaborative Innovation Center.

Herzo entered more people’s sight, perhaps because of this identity:He has been hired for the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Strategic Expert Advisory Committee.During the tenure, Herzo submitted a number of Shanghai artificial intelligence development and reform, and promoted China’s artificial intelligent intelligence highlands, enhancing China’s artificial intelligence international influence, artificial intelligence communication region planning and governance made excellent contributions.

In September this year, the Shanghai Municipal Government awarded him "White Magnolia Memorial Award" to recognize its contribution to Shanghai’s development and international cooperation.

Bustkos (Dimitri E. BESKOS)Long-term commitment to calculating mechanics research, teaching work, is an international famous scholar in structural kinetics, a pioneer of boundary et al. He is an academician of the Athens Academy of Sciences, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences, academicians of European Sciences and Artists. Since September 2016, Professor Boscos was employed by Professor Tongji University Civil Engineering College.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to border ingredients and structural kinetics, the International Calculation and Experimental Science Engineering International Conference was awarded him E. Reissner Award in 2003, and in 2011 awards for a lifetime achievement. In 2009, Springer was published a special issue titled "Boundary Elementary Method" to recognize its academic contribution. Won 2013 to 2014 Germany "Humboldt Research Award". He has served as the vice chairman of the International Border Mission Society, and is the founder of the Greek Computational Institute of Computational Society, the Chairman of the Greek Mechanics Society, and Chairman of the Greek Metal Structure Research Association.

Have an unspeakment with China

Talking about these two academicians, and the fate of China can be traced back to the 1980s and 1990s.

Since the beginning of 1993, Chinese students have been cultivated, Herzog has been committed to promoting the field of science and technology in Sino-German, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. In 2002, he directly promoted the German university and the establishment of a sustainable joint research exchange mechanism for German universities and China universities.

In 2012, as the Chairman of the International Cooperation of the Executive Committee of the German Engineering Academy, he launched and opened the formal cooperation between the German Engineering Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and continued to promote the Sino-German Engineering Institute in intelligent urban planning, intelligent construction and smart health care. Sexual cooperation exchanges, becoming a model of cooperation between China and Germany.

In 2014, he jointly launched and organized the "Sino-German Future City Alliance" series, and set the organization headquarters in Shanghai. He successfully organized China and European scientists to approve the "Central European sustainable urbanization innovation platform" and other EU funded research projects.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in 2020, in the face of sudden new crown pneumonia epidemics, Herzge is not afraid of danger, as the first batch of foreign experts who are invited to return to China, arrive at Shanghai, from the isolation period, focus on concentrating machine learning Algorithm, etc.

Inado, in 1980, in 1980 in my country, BESCOs began to accept advanced visit scholars from my country, and the graduate and visit scholars from China and Hong Kong and Taiwan areas have been taken.

In the early 1990s, BESCOs actively assisted and accepted the study of Tongji University Young Teachers participated in the China and European Community Second Science and Technology Cooperation Framework Agreement. At the beginning of 2019, BESCOs was responsible for receiving the Visiting Greece in the Chinese Academy of Sciences visiting Greece. This visit contributed to the signing of a new round of scientific and technological cooperation between China and Xiki.

After joining Tongji University, enter the development of disciplines

With the two scholars, they have become a famous school in Shanghai – Tongji University, more students can also be in the campus, ears, and feel the artists.

After being employed by Professor of Tongji University Civil Engineering Peak Discipline, BESCOS regularly came to school in each semester, with sincere, direct guidance team members, young teachers and graduate students to carry out basic scientific research, and patiently guide the writing of teachers and students’ papers.

His report will be popular, the scene is full, and the latter is full of the audience. Some students can only stand in the hallway.

There are often students to seek the guidance and help of Bustkos, and he always don’t tire the invitation of the words, until the paper is published by the high-level academic journal.

Herzo and Tongji University Wu Zhiqiang Academician jointly lead the R & D of the Yangtze Rural Urban and Rural Dynamic Monitoring Database and the World’s Maximum Urban Database (CBDB), achieving over 20 billion effective data interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, cross-regional integration and sharing, Triangular integrated fine governance and emergency response laying a solid big data analysis platform basis.

Not only that, Herzo also provides technical support and recommendations for the "City Game Model" developed by the Mrs. Wu Zhiqiang, and the urban intelligent deduction and diagnostic platform, and the results are applied to Shanghai Maqiao, Kunshan, Ningbo and other long triangles. .

During the work of Tongji University, Hull actively opened the "Intelligent City Planning Frontier" course, tutoring more than 50 masters, which strongly promoted the combination of artificial intelligence and urban and rural planning, and made an important contribution to the innovation and development of urban and rural areas.

Because of love Shanghai

He decided to take root in Shanghai

"Come to China, Shanghai, come to Tongji University to work, for me is a new pleasant experience." Not long ago, Herzog also won the Shanghai "White Magnolia Memorial Award" in 2021.

In the past 7 years, I live in Shanghai, so that he fell in love with the city of Shanghai. "I really like to live in Shanghai, and Shanghai embracing new technologies anytime, anywhere, Shanghai is constantly moving." Recently, he picks up the lady to Shanghai, is applying for permanent residence in China, in Shanghai long-term root.

"In Tongji University is so interesting, we have carried out a lot of projects, which has achieved fruitful results. In the future, I will do my best, in order to build a better city, for China’s artificial intelligence strategy development, artificial intelligence municipal planning and Governance and other contributions. "Herzog said.

Author: Wu Jinjiao

Edit: Li Chenzhen

Picture: Tongji University

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