How to windward off intelligent terminal consumer protection

China Consumer Journal reported(reporterSang Xueyi) Previously, air conditioners, refrigerators buy a home, just plug in the power supply can be used. But now a growing number of end products are embedded in information technology, intelligent terminals must be combined in order to truly achieve product design features and services. At this time, hardware products and services is what kind of relationship? If consumers are not satisfied with the service, you can request a return? In this type of consumer consumption process how to protect their own interests? Recently, the "China Consumer News" reporter conducted an interview.

Intelligent terminal outlet Masamori

"It is not easy to go to the gym, so take advantage of 11 double discount, buy a mirror to go home." Beijing Consumers Ms. Wei told the "China Consumer News" reporter.

Ms. Wei said the Mirror, is currently popular fitness products on the market – smart fitness mirrors. This is after a set of intelligent hardware, AI technology, content services in a new fitness products, fitness mirror in the off state like an ordinary mirror, boot, can be followed by a fitness instructor courses glossy screen playback, combined with intelligent error correction, customized content recommendation and other functions to achieve human-computer interaction. Among them, the training curriculum-based content service needs of consumers buy late renewals.

In this area, since smart products "Mirror" come out, there are dozens of products from different vendors come out one after another, including one hundred million healthy, plump, happy moment, Wan-go, Wyatt dynamic brands, "100 mirror war" claims resulting. It is reported that, in the "6.18" during the two-year and 11, sales of these products have achieved double the growth.

In recent years, increasingly rich category of intelligent terminals, smart fitness mirrors just one branch. Smart Speaker can be said to be a pioneer in this field, after years of fierce battle, the smart speaker industry to drive around to clear the way across the sales of products with low-priced products stage, into the hardware by improving quality, rich ecosystem services to enhance product price stage. In May this year, Baidu’s small degree "Tian Tian" smart screen rotation T10 released in October,LynxElf publish family wisdom screen V10, intelligent speakers from the era of cheap priced yuan or less officially entered the "thousand Yuan era." Large-screen display can carry more content and services, such as picture books,videoas well asthe InternetServices, but many of these services is the need to open membership or paid separately.

Smart Speaker with screen into the consumer home.

With 5G era, the rapid rise of big data and artificial intelligence, accurate health management through smart terminal equipment also go to every household to help users complete high blood pressure, a risk assessment of coronary heart disease, diabetes and sleep apnea syndrome and early warning prescreened . "Software Consumer enhance the popularity and awareness of copyright with,publicIn order to gradually accept the specific needs of pay. "Lynx elf customer experience division director Wang Wanlin on the" Chinese consumers ", told reporters that such requirements include a demand for content, such as video sites pay to watch, as well as the entertainment needs, such as pay-K song, pay to play games intelligent terminal has thus become a carrier of the public service consumption. by providing services to meet the needs of users, intelligent terminal will be connected to the user hub.

Xiao Di-related staff said to the "China Consumers" reporter that the consumption structure of the entire society is constantly optimized, from the original imitation, homogenization, single, and simplified, personalized and diversified upgrades to consumer demand. Member service is one of the typical embodiments, which is the user’s active purchase and use appeal on the user’s basic content and value-added services.

Soft hard combination highlight value

"There is a great difference between a lot of smart devices or terminal devices and previous traditional electronic devices." Beijing Lawyers Association Consumer RightslawLucun, director of the Professional Committee, said in an interview with "China Consumers" reporter, traditional electronic devices are basically single, consumers can use their functions as long as they buy equipment, but now smart devices often need consumers. Go to purchase the corresponding service.

Ma Quan, the Dean of China Business Advertising Association Digital Marketing Research Institute, said the "China Consumers" reporter, with the development of the Internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the product service characteristics are increasingly obvious, more and more services Integrate around the intelligent terminal, including intelligent services that originally hardware, such as fresh storage and Internet of Things services, and some intelligent terminals are treated as media channels, which have become access ports and platforms provided by various services. . "The richness of service ecology will affect the satisfaction of consumers." Ma Qia said.

Fiture Joint Founder and President Zhang Dynasty said that the "China Consumers" reporter said that intelligent fitness includes multiple links such as hardware, software, AI, content, operations, services, brands, retail, and any link will cause users. The deletion of the experience is also difficult to protect the professionalism of fitness services.

According to the reporter, the mirror of the smart fitness mirror itself is highly standardized, and there is not much space for the manufacturer, and the product competitiveness comes from the AI ??action tracking technology, the precise camera and sensor. Therefore, not only the hardware products of quality, Fi-Ture also developed an intelligent sports tracking system with AI interaction capabilities, and built a coaching team consisting of more than 20 members, and created a content with the standards of film and television production. factory.

Intelligent fitness mirrors become new home consumption products.

In the field of smart speakers, companies are also developing their respective diversified service capabilities. For example, in addition to basic member services such as film, music, children, smart speakers are still trying to play the role of the family assistant. Tmall Elf’s free answer Video Concise, each family member will give family "play video" anytime, anywhere, no need to manually answer, you can talk on the screen side; Small degree speaker pays attention to many special group users, such as targeted groups Blind users have launched visual aids. For "empty nest groups", the security hazards that may encounter in their lives, launched a free one-to-one emergency service, users encountered difficulties as long as they say "save me" ", You can automatically help call emergency contacts, there will be professional guidance, assisting ambulance, etc.

Small-related staff said that hardware terminals are carriers and forms, content and services that can interact with users in the scene, content and services are souls and kernels, and powerful hardware can better help companies will enrich content and multi-dimensional Service is delivered to the user, so the product terminal and software and content services are complementary, and it is not possible.

"As an important carrier of Internet application services, the product system of the intelligent terminal has been initially formed." Wang Wanlin believes that simple hardware developments cannot meet the needs of consumers. With the rapid development of the intelligent terminal industry, its functionalization, personalized characteristics are also increasingly obvious. In order to meet consumer needs, their application service capabilities are constantly upgrading, hard soft combination is the key to their core value. Consumers buy intelligent terminal products, and gradually transform from simple product parameters to their ability and service. He believes: "In order to meet the individual needs of different consumers, the post-service has broad market space."

Consumption disputes are gradually increased

"The current intelligent terminal is more than just consumer electronics products that can be posted at home, but the car has also become a smart terminal equipment." Director of the China Consumer Association ComplaintChen JianFor the "China Consumer Report" reporter said that the complaint record of the China Consumer Association showed a gradual increase in consumption disputes against intelligent terminal products. "If the consumer is not satisfied with the soft service of the smart terminal, can you ask for a return or claim to the hardware product?" In the interview, the reporter put forward such a problem. "This problem cannot be generalized, to be specific to the specific questions." Chen Jian explained that the intelligent terminals, hardware, traditional service and supporting intelligent services constitute the functionality of goods. These constituent elements have different positions in the consumer contract due to the implementation of the commodity function. "For example, some smart speaker products, its supporting service is the basic function of speaker products. If the support service is missing, the core function of the product cannot be reached, and the fundamental default of the contract is constituted, and consumers can return." Chen Jian said, Another situation is that the supporting service is only auxiliary, and does not affect the implementation of the product core function, such as some with auxiliary driving carThe deletion of the auxiliary function can only be considered as a contract, and consumers can request certain compensation.

Lu Lingming, Professor, Professor Beijing University of Business University, also believes that if the supporting application service is necessary, such as intelligent location monitoring equipment, health monitoring equipment, etc., the service does not match the fundamental default, and the main purpose, consumption You can advocate returns and release the contract. "To see the extent of fundamental default, determine if it will be returned." Lu Lei Ming also said that in the consumption of intelligent terminal + service, some services must be used in the use of intelligent terminals, and some are the value-added services purchased by consumers. . "This is two independent contracts, value-added services do not match, and cannot be used as a basis for lifting smart devices to purchase contracts. Consumers can only request the cost and compensation losses under the value-added service contract." Lu Lilaming said.

In addition, Lu Lingming also reminds consumers, online shopping intelligent terminal equipment, if the value is not derived from the value of the activation and the consumer confirmation is not applicable to the seven-day no reason to return, it can be resigned according to the seven-day no reason to return system processing. "If you don’t open the member service smart terminal, you cannot use it. If the membership service itself is defective, it should also understand the defect of the intelligent terminal itself, that is, the intelligent terminal itself does not meet the quality requirements. Consumers can be based on" Consumer Rights Protection Law "Refer to the quality of the quality of the hardware." Beijing Aerospace University Law School Professor Zhou Youjun pointed out that from the perspective of the Civil Code, if the defect of the member service can cause the contract to fail, consumers can be released The whole contract. "There is also a refund of the refund. It is to see if companies have misleading consumers during sales." Lu Yun said that some auxiliary functions of intelligent terminal products, even basic functions, requiring consumers in subsequent If you pay the purchase of supporting services during use, if you have not expressed this in the process of product sales, consumers can ask for returns to refund.

In the interview, experts agree that consumers can safeguard their legal rights in accordance with the corresponding content of the "Civil Code" "Electronic Commerce Law" in accordance with the "Consumer Protection Law".

Difficulty is difficult to neglect

The reporter survey found that a big difficult problem with intelligent terminal product rights is that soft service is bad and difficult to quantify, "good" and "bad" is often personal subjective feelings, and it is not good to proceed, so most consumers will give up the rights protection. "I have bought a smart speaker before, try to use it for a while, I will throw it in the cabinet." Ms. Jiang, Beijing consumers said that such products should be used for a while, it is often too good. There is no reason to return the time, it will be made. "It’s good to use it." There is no way to prove. "She said.

Chen Jian, director of the China Consumer Association Complaint, also believes that there are many difficulties in the process of rights protection in such issues. "The first is a problem." Chen Jian pointed out that the consumption of intelligent terminals includes visible hardware and invisible services, and the quality of service is related to people, and its uncertainty is often caused by consumption disputes. Cause; At the same time, for such new products, due to the lack of relevant standards, the technical and capacity limitations of testing institutions, consumers will also encounter identification problems in the process of rights protection. "Due to the providers of such products, the manufacturer of terminal products and the providers of online technology, etc., are also easily pushed between the main body during consumer rights," Chen Jian said.

Wang Wanlin told reporters that the customer complaints of Tmall Elves mainly focused on large membership service models, in addition to their own content services, also included third party content suppliers of QQ music, Himalayan, etc.. However, there is inconsistent situations on each platform, such as the included QQ music member cannot be used in the end of the terminal, or some song content is not copyrighted on the intelligent terminal. "The service life of the intelligent terminal is not only affected by hardware quality, but also the impact of supporting services and software matching with continuous upgraded software." Chen Jian pointed out that there is no laws and regulations for this issue, so consumers It will also encounter unable to make a problem when maintaining rights.

● Viewpoint

Rational consumption

In the interview, experts have said that consumption is more cautious than the intelligent terminal products compared to other commodities.

"Intelligent is a wind, but consumers must not blindly follow the wind during the consumption process." Chen Jian, director of the China Consumer Association Complaint, reminded that the current artificial intelligence technology is not mature, some use scenarios may still have bugs, Some may not meet the expectations of consumers. Online upgrades may have instability, and the protection of personal information may also have a vulnerability. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to control risk in the consumption process, try to choose well-known brands, and Pay attention to the inspection of its follow-up service capabilities. At the same time, there is especially necessary for problems that are prone to disputes, such as after-sales service, commitment services, and terms of personal information protection.

Lu Yun, director of the Consumer Rights Legal Professional Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association, also believes that consumers have more clear understanding and consulting of smart terminal + services in the case of clearing their needs, including functional implementation and possible production The cost, as well as the ability to serve the service.

"Consumers should pay attention to the information, description, and contract terms of intelligent terminal products, understand the functionality of the equipment and related services, content, and provide the main body, and avoid falling into the ‘Services’ Trap." Li Lishiming, Professor of Beijing University of Business University Express.

Tmall Elf Division Customer Experience Director Wang Wanlin reminds consumers to pay attention to whether companies have "diversified services" behind the intelligent terminal, as well as the continuity, stability, and future development of these service capabilities.

Chen Jian also reminds consumers: "The current intelligent terminal products often do not provide product information such as paper instructions. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to retention evidence. For example, the corresponding evidence is fixed as much as possible by screen capture."

Du Changhong, deputy editor-in-chief of "China Consumers", believes that products have to experience the new birth, development, mature process, the combination of intelligent terminal equipment and services, and there is currently no standards that can measure the advantages and disadvantages of this product. In addition, the use scenario is rich and diverse, and personal feelings are different, and consumers have more questioning more. Enterprises should actively improve after-sales service, solve problems for consumers, and further explore product and service, and cannot be sold or pushed. "China Consumers" is willing to build a platform for enterprises and users, allowing consumers to enjoy the better life brought by intelligent terminal + services. (Sang Xueyi)