Japan’s "female robot" controversial, can provide 3 services, female netizens: this is unfair

With the development of science, we are also more convenient in today’s society. Nowadays, there is naturally unnecessary to rush to life, this is more fortunate to us, can be born in such an era. Among them, today’s development is to bring our lives into the colorful age. We really don’t dare to expect such scenarios before this. The convenience of the times is already a list of luxury for future.

On the other hand, under the strong intelligence, life also seems to be a bit of human emotions, which seems to have some heat than the previous cold ice machine, but is in such a background, Japan In this, they have launched their "female robots". Japan has always been a quite fast-paced country. It is also quite fierce here. There is no time to love life. It has become a normal state, and in order to solve these problems. Such a research and development results.

After this robot, since it has three services, it also caused a hot discussion of many people, especially some female netizens, proposed their opposition. First of all, the first service is custom service, which is like some private customizations in the society, on the one hand, in order to meet different needs, on the one hand, in order to be able to use resources reasonably.

When consumers choose the robot, they can ask for a requirement according to their own needs, including robot’s body, color value, sound, etc. Satisfaction can have such an effect, and this service has also been keen on many people.

The second is to serve the man’s service. I think that people are also known to a large extent, this is like a lot of things that I can do, we can control them through remote control, such as home is If you have a closed electrical appliance, they can be achieved, and the equipment you need in the home before home can be started in advance, which can be said to be a fairly efficient housekeeper role.

The last one is: the partner service, this female robot launched in Japan, she is able to accompany the owner to carry out a lot of things, such as chatting with you, depth explore the problem, etc., this is among our lives The real partner is the same, of course, the functions like other partners are quite complete. In Japan, a scientific and strong country like Japan, this product got a part of the love, and her value is natural. The average person is still not consumed.

And after she appeared, many of the female netizens put forward their opposition. I felt that this is unfair for them. After all, this is a robot, and it is 100% restore people in the part of the body. The body, such a proposed product has some violation of female human rights, otherwise it should be a launch of male robots. They feel that this product is replaced with live people, there is a feeling of trading, what is the difference in this, what is the effect of these female robots? Everyone can speak freely below.