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1. In the following description of the block chain, the error is (2020 Test)

A. District block chain uses a distributed data store B. Symmetrical encryption in the block chain

C. The information in the block chain is difficult to tamper, can be traced back to D. Bitcoin is a typical application of block chains.

2. Cloud computing is the development and application of technology

A. Parallel calculation B. Grid Calculation C. Distributed Calculation D. Three options are

3. From the research status, the following is not a cloud computing feature.

A. Ultra-large B. Virtualization C. Privatization D. High reliability

4. The characteristics of big data are not included

A. Large quantization B. Diversified C. Quickization D. Structured

5. The US Naval officer Mori draws new navigation road maps through the analysis of the former nautical logs.

It launches high wind and ocean current possible place. This reflects the ________ in the big data analysis concept.
A. Based on data basis, all data rather than sampling data

B. More focused analysis in the analysis method rather than causal analysis
C. Take more efficiency in the analysis effect rather than absolute precise
D. Emphasize relative data in the data size rather than absolute data

6. The following statements about the characteristics of big data, the error is ________.
A. Data size Big B. Data types are diverse C. Data processing speed is fast D. Data value density is high

7. In the following statement, the wrong is ________.

A. Big data has the characteristics of large volume, single structure and strong timeliness
B. Processing big data needs new technologies such as new computing architectures and intelligent algorithms
C. Application of big data pay attention to correlation analysis rather than causal analysis
D. The purpose of big data is to discover new knowledge and insights and conduct scientific decisions.

8. The meaning of VirtualReality is.

9. Big data has brought the transformation of thinking, the following can’t reflect big data thinking, 2021

A. Mandarin rather than sampling B. Specific rather than abstract C. Efficiency rather than accurate D. Related rather

10. The following statement about artificial intelligence is wrong for 2021 true questions.

A. Computer vision, natural language processing belongs to artificial intelligence research

B.alphago Weats the Go World Champion Li Shishi is the specific application of artificial intelligence

C. The objective intelligence research goal is that the machine is completely replaced by human

D. Artificial intelligence technology must respect and protect people’s privacy, identity, initiative, and equivalence

11. The following description of the virtual reality and enhancement reality, the correct one is more than 2021

A. Enhanced reality is more virtual than virtual reality

B. Enhanced reality is more independence than virtual reality

C. Enhanced reality is more focused on virtual combination than virtual reality

D. Enhanced reality pay more attention to virtual reality

12. It can be measured in the Internet of Things, and the device converted into an available output signal in accordance with certain regulations is. 2021 true question

13. Shortly, small business, the number of business surges, he wants to buy storage equipment, but the company has less hands, small venue,

The funds are not abundant. A number of IT service providers can provide cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence,

A new generation of information technology services such as blockchain!

Which service is currently the most urgent purchase, and a brief description.

14. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Since the birth, theoretical and technology have been increasingly mature, and the application areas are also expanding. In the following applications, there are multiple choices in artificial intelligence technology.

A. Baidu Robot B. Drive

C. Google’s Alpba Go D. Using people’s face recognition technology to find missing children

15. my country’s independently developed with the US GPS, Russia’s Glunas, Galileo, Europe, is known as the world’s four major satellite navigation positioning systems.

16. The "9th chapter" quantum calculation prototype of 50 million samples in December 2020, calculating 50 million samples

The color sample time is 200 seconds, which marks that my country has become the second to achieve "quantum superiority" in the world.

s country. judge

17. The following is a narrative about 5G technology, the error is

A. Data transfer rate reaches GBPS level, better meets data transmission requirements such as HD video

B. Network delay in 1 millisecond, can better meet real-time applications such as automatic driving, telemedicine

C. Super network capacity, better meet the communication needs of the Internet of Things

D.5G signal frequency, strong penetration, relatively small number of base stations required for 4G technology

18. It is possible to use the infrastructure, platform, and software as a service for rent.

A. Cloud Computing B. Big Data C. Artificial Intelligence D. IoT

19. District block chain technology originated in ________.

A. Distributed Collaborative Trust B. Distributed High Order Trust Infrastructure

C. Human pursuit of freedom D. The purpose of building future social governance trust

20. It is an earliest application of the block chain and a large-scale application that is the most successful.

A. Emperor B. League chain C. Bitcoin D.RSCoin

21. Can provide technical solutions for financial and enterprises.

A. Emperor B. League chain C. Bitcoin D.RSCoin

22. It is the core content of the block chain.

A. Contract layer B. Application layer C. Consensil layer D. Network layer

23. There must be three care points in the block chain technology ________.

A. Using asymmetric encryption to do data signature

B. Anyone can participate

C. Consensus Algorithm

D. Store in a chain block

24. The value of the block chain technology includes ________. Multi-selection

A. Improve business efficiency B. Reduce expansion cost

C. Enhance regulatory capacity D. Create cooperation mechanism

25. From the architecture, the block chain is an architecture that is small redundant. (judge)